Our Trainings

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All trainings include evidence based programming.

Family Restoration and Healing Center, Inc. offers a holistic, multi-generational and family-oriented program of services that includes educational trainings, counseling, case management, and supportive services. Our program, called “360 Wholeness”, is a comprehensive whole family effort designed to help low income youth and families navigate youth success, family success, and health and wellness.

Youth Success Services
Family Success Services
Health & Wellness Services
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  • Workforce Development Training
  • Risk Avoidance Training
  • Character/Positive Youth Development Training
  • Parent-Child Communication Training
  • Family Caregiving Training
  • COUNSELING - Premarital, Marital, Faith-based
  • Achieving 360 Wholeness/Life Skills Training
  • Mental Health First Aid Training
  • Nutritional Wellness Counseling and Training

FRHC has launched two programs in response to the Coronavirus. 

A new "COVID-19 Coping Tips" video series and community page to help those affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and we have made plans to adjust our great programming for our Youth to be online this Spring and Summer!

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coping tips

FRHC has launched a new COVID-19 Coping Tips video series and community page to help those affected by the new coronavirus (COVID-19).


  • Achieving 360 Wholeness/Life Skills/Coping Training
  • Character & Positive Youth Development Training (for preteens/teens)
  • Risk Avoidance/Teen Pregnancy Prevention Training (for preteen/teens)
  • Parent-Child Communication Training
  • iSucceed Workforce Development Training (for teens/young adults)
  • Nutritional Wellness Training
Contact us if you would like to host any of these trainings at your location.
Achieving 360 Wholeness/Life Skills Training (1-4 hours)

Workshops will teach strategies for achieving emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. This includes coping with stress, anger and hurt.

Parent–Child Communication Training
(up to 12 hours)

Program provides case scenarios and skills for effective parent child communication and helping your child achieve his/her goals.

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Character/Positive Youth Development Training (for preteens/teens) (up to 8 hours)

Program includes character development, adolescent development, and skills to help youth transition to adulthood.

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iSucceed Workforce Development Training  (for teens/young adults)

Program includes job readiness, skills training, job placement assistance, and ongoing case management with linkage to social supports.

Risk Avoidance Training
(for preteens/teens):  (up to 8 hours)

I Choose To Wait” teen pregnancy prevention program teaches goals & decision making, emphasizing abstinence as a safe and proud choice. 

Nutritional Wellness Training
(1-2 hour)

Workshops provide strategies for setting healthy lifestyle goals, and understanding the connection between foods and moods.

Contact us if you would like to host any of these trainings at your location.