On Emotional Wellness:

"I was unemployed for nearly a year, while trying to prevent homelessness, and deal with issues around family caregiving and marriage.  

The counseling helped save my life. Thank you!”

Paul – Age 50. 

I was homeless for years.  Thanks for helping me to have hope again”

Morgan– age 40. 

The peer-led sessions changed my life for the better! I can better deal with stress as a minority youth, help peers avoid negative behavior, and help adults understand the severeness of stress on youth!  

Isabela - Age 17

Family Restoration and Healing Center (FRHC) provided me with affordable family counseling that helped save my marriage, and even gave us the option of a faith-based approach! The resources that you provided helped me to prevent homelessness, and receive skills on  job readiness and training. Your family caregiver workshop gave me hope that help exists.  I'm working now. And there's peace in my home.  Thank you!"    Ms. A

Job Readiness:

Your job readiness program gave me the confidence and skills to get a job that everyone else said I’d never obtain!”  Sarah, age 19.

On Giving Hope:

"After being out of work for some time, my wife working only part-time, being able to keep up with our financial obligations was literally hopeless.  My wife and I contacted Family Restoration and Healing Center, Inc. for help and insight.  The organization provided us with a wealth of knowledge about organizations that could possibly help with our situation, as well as a list of services available in our area of which we had no prior knowledge.  Several suggestions for employment were offered, along with job training availability.  We were facing an eviction, which was stopped, and currently I am now employed and picking up the pieces of restoring my family spiritually and financially.  The 360° of wholeness received from this organization not only blessed us financially, but helped strengthen our faith, and marriage as well. We need more organizations like Family Restoration and Healing Center, Inc. to renew the faith and strength of those who may have lost hope in hopeless situations."

Mr. and Mrs. A.  - Maryland

On Depression and Weight:

"I'm so glad to know that an organization like Family Restoration and Healing Center exists. I have battled with depression and weight issues most of my life.  The education and resources that you provide, are more helpful than you will ever know.  I'm getting better now.  God bless you for taking time to make a difference in lives across the country!"                                           

Mr. J

On our Wholistic Approach:

"I love your book on 360° Wholeness, Mind-Body-Spirit: Achieving Mental, Physical and Spiritual Wellness!  What a great resource for wholistic health! The strategies and guidance are AWESOME!  I keep it at my desk so I can reference it throughout the day!"

Ms. C

"Thank you"  for being such a wonderful organization with a great program for our children and young adults. The community needs a movement like yours to strengthen families in how they can be made whole - mentally, physically, and spiritually.  I am a strong believer in the holistic approach to healing...and  I am a witness that this approach works for the human being. God has a plan for this organization, and I am willing to put my gifts, talents and social connections on the table to help the Family Restoration and Healing Center succeed!!"

Mr. L

Some comments from past participants on our
nutritional wellness activities:

"Loved the healthy living and healthy eating materials at the healthfair!  And the heart healthy soup samples.  Now I know I can be heart smart and like it!"


"My sister died of morbid obesity.  Thank you for teaching us how to make healthier choices for living!"


"This is the best health workshop I ever attended!  I lost 11 lbs in one month, by following the guidelines learned in your workshop.  And I'm following your stress coping guide. I feel better about me!  Thank you for caring!


"Great smoking cessation class.  I'm now ready to join the support group.   I now know I can do it!"

Some comments from past participants on our
emotional wellness activities:

“I am so glad I found a place that helps me emotionally, nutritionally and spiritually”
“Your workshop on managing stress, anger and depression, changed my life and my family’s life!”
“I was able to share your family caregiving tools with my family. It’s helping. Thank you!”
"The counselling you provided has helped save my life.

Thank you!”

If you have experienced wellness though any of Family Restoration and Healing Center programs or events, we encourage us to let us know.  Please send your comments to Karen Thompson at: info@360wholeness.org.