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Benefits of Giving all Throughout the Year

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Since during this time of year, giving to others is a big part, maybe we can look at all of the benefits of giving. During the December 3rd Giving Tuesday online event, we had 8 people show generosity: each one donated money totaling $700 toward helping youth and families navigate stressful times. Their one day of giving will improve the lives of nearly 40 families in the upcoming months!

That’s powerful!

And really, there are more ways than money or a physical gift that a person might wrap to give: we often give our time, our energy, our skills, a listening ear and so on.

Unfortunately, if you're like me, at times you've given time, energy etc. out of guilt, feeling manipulated or some other poor and harmful motivation. But, when our motivations are truly pure and loving, giving really benefits others in deeper ways, and sometimes does so for us as the giver even more! It actually improves satisfaction with life!

As the Christian Bible says (in the words of Jesus), “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Pointing out that people who are generous are better off, and happier. Have you noticed that in your own life: those who are self-centered actually end up more miserable, while those who willingly give of their time and energy to help others tend to be more at peace, and more joyful. And during this Christmas season, isn't that what we all want deep down?

This can come from helping out a good friend or acquaintance, doing some volunteer work, listening to someone talk about what's bothering them, or serving at your church, synagogue, or other place of worship (or at a non-profit or school).

I know that for me, looking back over my life, I have some of the fondest memories of things like mentoring some high school boys from church, some of us doing fixer-up work for a single mom, and donating a little of my income to charities that I know make a tremendous, lasting impact.

This holiday time, remember the needs of those around you. Reach out a helping hand, and it'll come back to you!


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