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What Are These Courses Worth as a Teenager?

PART 2 of 2

As I stated in Monday's blog, I want to share 4 more junior high/high school classes that have actually proven valuable over the years of my adult life—now that I'm almost a senior citizen! Classes that had helped me get through college, helped me in my career, helped in my personal life—over even all 3. So here goes:

English—Analyzing and being able to intelligently discuss others' written works, as well as being able to adequately express my own thoughts and research, has proven to be of much value on different jobs I've held. For instance, during the early part of the last decade, I worked as a technical writer and editor for a large, worldwide company based in Dallas. And writing skills helped me quite a lot in my brief time as an auditor in the early 90's.

Spanish (or most any foreign language)—Starting to learn basic Spanish as a sophomore has served me extremely well. As you may have heard, it makes your native English skills that much sharper—as you learn by comparison/contrast with Spanish spelling, grammar, etc. Even after a couple more years of it in college, I'm far from fluent. However, a moderate level of Spanish conversational skills have helped me out in many, many situations over the years! Yet this applies to other modern languages you may need to know as you enter adulthood, based on demographic changes happening in our world: Chinese, Russian, French, Arabic, etc.

Typing (keyboarding today)--absolutely one of the most valuable! Without learning to type by touch, I certainly would have struggled a lot more with term papers and other assignments, in college. Let alone that so many of the jobs I have held, being a fast, accurate keyboarder has been just invaluable.

Electricity/Electronics—I had the benefit of one of the best instructors in the state being at my high school. I had and used my ham radio license for several years, starting with high school. Even if you don't use this knowledge for work, it is obviously useful for home electrical repairs, working on your vehicle's electrical, and a basic understanding of how your cell phone can do what it does.

So there you have it. This should give young people a better perspective on the value of junior and senior high.

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