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What Are These Courses Worth as a Teenager?

PART 1 of 2

If, like me, maybe you have been hearing the sentiment for many years (expressed by Jr and Sr high students), “are these required classes really necessary? Aren't they mostly busy work, to keep us occupied and out of trouble. Just to get that piece of paper-a diploma, and maybe get us going in college or university?” Even adults, years out of high school, can wonder whether some of their classes in jr high or high school were valuable at all—other than time fillers while they passed through the teen years.

Since I actually finished college (Boise State University—accounting degree), I have pondered at times, as I'm in my mid-fifties now, which of the college classes were worth more than others. Some stand out as more worthwhile, for certain.

In addition to that though, I can lately see the benefits of all of those years of junior/senior high classes. Certain types of courses stand out as the most valuable, now that I've been out of high school close to 40 years:

geometry—helped me better understand this 3D world we live in. I know that the area and volume, square footage of 2D and 3D objects can be measured, and added up if necessary, at least by someone, if not by me without reviewing those formulas!

PE—This had taught me confidence, courage, teamwork, being competitive in helpful, constructive ways, persistence when encountering obstacles, problem solving, and how to really take care of myself—my health—as I've progressed into and past middle age. My second year of college, I really started to get into weight training. This and other types of regular workouts (like lap swimming) have given me more energy and endurance than many my age.

Band: I started to learn to play snare/bass drums in the seventh grade, taking private lessons for about a year also. I played in concert band, marching band, jazz band. In college, I played in percussion ensemble and marching band for two years. I can say for certain, that being able to relate to and feel the rhythm and melody of so many genres of music since then has been very emotionally rewarding (even if I made no money at it!). I have played in weddings of friends of mine, and have accompanied music in church for well over a decade.

Now, in a few days, I'll post the remainder, on other classes that over the years have proven valuable on the job and off!

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