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Diversity Inclusiveness

For many years, Family Restoration Healing Center has been serving diverse populations, culturally, racially, gender, and those with disabilities, to name just a few. And now, we are one of the co-sponsors of the upcoming workshop, “Diversity—The Value of Mutual Respect.” on March 29th (presented by Dr. Joel Freeman). Dr. Freeman brings much to the table, as an international speaker, author, publisher, and chaplain.

Are you a "people-helper"? Do you help others to navigate life's journey? To be effective, ethical helpers, we must be sensitive to our own cultural framework and that of others as we approach diverse problems and challenges! Diversity incorporates so many areas of differences between individuals and groups of people. This is not just some theoretical subject matter for sociologists. Differences in age group, gender, cultural background, for instance affect our educational and workplaces too. Many companies, by embracing diversity, and making the best use of it, are succeeding where others fail: companies like Alibaba Group, Accenture and L’Oréal.[1]

Dr. Freeman will cover several very helpful and timely subjects, including influencing others, dealing with important changes in your life, and handling successfully rules and regulations that are out of your control. This workshop is for counselors, social workers, clergy, and people who help other people! You will benefit from attending! Maryland CEU credits available!

CLICK HERE to register for this event.

[1]Mueller, Heather. (n.d.). 4 Excellent Examples of Diverse and Inclusive Company Cultures. Emplify. Retrieved from https://emplify.com/blog/diversity-inclusion-culture-examples/.

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