• By Jack Keeney, FRHC Social Media Manager

Annual Domestic Violence Awareness Month: October

[picture credit nrcdv.org]

Please, won't you help us to get the word out and increase the visibility of the major impacts of domestic violence all around us. Much remains to be done to address this important problem. Along with local, state, and nationwide organizations (like The National Resource Center on Domestic Violence), Family Restoration Healing Center wishes to diminish the widespread effects of domestic violence. Domestic violence is against the law—action needs to be taken. If you are being hurt, or see someone being mistreated this way, call 911.

This social issue, like so many others, is very multifaceted. It has so many causes (in both male and female abusers' lives), causing them to behave so destructively. As well, the effects can be widespread, tearing the family apart. For one thing, children or teens may run away from home, to get away from the destructiveness and fearfulness it causes.[i] It doesn't take much imagination to figure how a family so impacted by violence starts to affect society all around.

Some of the key organizations that offer useful resources are the National Resource Center on Domestic Violence, U.S. Government Center for Disease Control (CDC) domestic violence links from their website, (including resources on sexual assault and teen dating abuse), and The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Please make good use of these resources, and contact our organization if you need further assistance. Thanks!


[i]Nrcdv. (2013). Runaway & Homeless Youth and Relationship Violence Toolkit. National Resource Center on Domestic Violence. Retrieved from https://www.nrcdv.org/rhydvtoolkit/.

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