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6 Practical Things Your Kid Should Learn before becoming a Teenager

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After hearing a woman being interviewed recently, about skills your kids should learn while still children, I thought it was a good idea to write about that topic today. Many of you would agree that our kids need to gain certain practical skills before they get out on their own. Some of those skills will be taught in the schools; but many of them may not be taught (or caught) by our kids, unless WE make the effort to make sure they learn them.

So here are 6 skills your kid(s) should learn before even the teen years:

  1. As this author was sharing (and I wish I could remember her name), one was to make sure your child can translate map (or phone maps apps) locations and directions into the 2-dimensional east-west-north-south areas around them: that they can actually USE the information to get somewhere.

  2. Money management (earning money and saving for a goal)---Kristen Mason says kids should learn this skill early on, around age 7.[i] I think this is a lifeskill that should be honed until they are out on their own. Perhaps starting with chores they can responsibly start doing before they reach middle school, earning an allowance.

  3. Pull weeds and water plants and the lawn. They can be taught, from an early age, to tell the difference between plants we maintain, and weeds we want gone.

  4. Learn to prepare and fix basic meals for themselves—both from pre-packaged or frozen and fresh foods. This would include of course, washing and chopping fruit/vegetables.

  5. One man's trash is another's treasure[ii]—Kind of self-explanatory perhaps. Show the value of buying used goods, such as at yard or garage sales, or second-hand stores. This teaches several things: that an object's life can go beyond the first owner, that there is nothing wrong with buying used items, and that we don't always need the latest and greatest stuff.

  6. Learn to swim. I was taught, through community swim lessons during summer break, to swim. It has served me very well over the years (including being an awesome form of cardio exercise).

Do you teach your kids (or even grandkids) other important practical skills? Let us know, and we'll post on social media!

[i] Mason, Kristen. (N.D). Life Skills for Kids. Retrieved from https://www.busykidshappymom.org/life-skills/3/.

[ii] Simpson, Ann. (2018). What Practical Life Skills/Values Are You Going To Teach Your Children? Homeshool.com. Retrieved from https://www.homeschool.com/articles/practicallifeskills/.

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