• By Jack Keeney, FRHC Social Media Manager

Handling Stress and Crisis in a World Gone Wild

With all of the bad news (natural disasters, mass shooting sprees, and other sudden crises) what can a person do to not feel overwhelmed? Can we be more safe in public and online, and increase our mental health resiliency? How can the education system, faith based leaders, nonprofits, the community, families, and others support each other in these things?

There are definite steps a person, a couple, or a family can take to be better prepared for stressors when they happen, and even hearing more and more news about such types of events. You do not have to passively take it all in, feeling over stressed!

Police-involved shootings: Why is there an increasing problem? What does everyone need to know to stay safe? How do we deal with the stress?

Regarding mental health and mental illness: 56% of Americans with a mental illness did not receive treatment for it. Many more people than you might think have mental illness—whether short-term or longer-term. What are the signs of mental illness? When should we reach out for help? How do we break the stigmas?

Come on out this Saturday in Riverdale, Maryland. Be a part of the discussion, at this free session. Won't you please join us? Click here for further details.

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