• Maria Pfund, Nutritional Consultant

Cholesterol’s Link to Alzheimer’s

Mental health can not be underestimated since it is crucial for our daily functioning and enjoyment.

Another way to prevent Alzheimer’s is to keep cholesterol under control. According to Researchers from Georgetown University Medical Center (BBC, 2002), there is a link between cholesterol and a protein called APP. APP protein is found in many of the main organs including the brain and heart. The role APP plays in normal circumstances is not clear, but in people with Alzheimer's, APP is converted to beta amyloid protein. When this protein breaks off, it forms the plaques that are found in the brains of people suffering from Alzheimer's. According to BBC (2002), research has confirmed that high cholesterol levels not only increase APP levels, but also speed up the rate at which the amyloid beta peptides break off and form plaques. In case that was not enough damage, elevated cholesterol levels contributes to cholesterol floating free from the body's cells, which is toxic to nerve cells (BBC, 2002).

Take-Home Message

High cholesterol increases one’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s, and it also puts all the nerve cells at risk of being damaged. It is important to keep your cholesterol in check.


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