• By Jack Keeney, FRHC Social Media Manager

Can We Help Those Having a Mental Health Crisis/Breakdown?

Coming from someone with a mental illness myself, I can tell you for certain: having one or more people in ones life if/when they experience a serious mental breakdown is vital!

I am close friends with a man about my age who, on a few occasions, came to my aid—helping me get hospitalization when desperately needed, when I was having very serious bouts with depression or panic attacks.

How does one prepare themselves to be better equipped to help a good friend, family member, co-worker, or other with a total emotional and psychological breakdown? Are there ways to literally have more tools in your tool-belt, to be better at spotting a problem developing? I can say resoundingly: yes!

First off, what are some signs of a person having a mental-psychological crisis? There are many; but some key ones are fantasizing about escaping, withdrawing from others, difficulty making decisions, poor hygiene, poor sleeping habits, panic attacks, paranoia, and expressing serious thoughts of suicide. If you notice some of these issues start to crop up in someone, it may be time to intervene (especially in the case of suicidal ideas), helping someone you care about who's really desperate.

You may want to attend our low-cost Mental Health First Aid workshop, coming up April 29th. We have a youth AND an adult track. Because the truth is, “You Can Help: People with mental illnesses often suffer alone.” Receive CEU credits, and Certificate of Completion! We'll keep you posted about updates. Please register today; space is limited.


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