• Maria Cecelia Pfund, FRHC Nutrition Specialist

Hydrated Enough?

Lately, drinking enough water has been a concern for many. We all want to stay hydrated, but thankfully our body signals us when we need more water by being thirsty.

As a rule, it is recommended to drink eight glasses of water a day; however, the requirements vary from person to person. Factors to take into consideration include: individual's build, how intensely they're exercising and for how long, the temperature, their age, their state of health and what kind of foods they eat.

Approximately a liter is obtained from solid foods in a healthful-average diet - fruit, vegetables, yogurts and soups. Liquids such as coffee, alcohol and sugary, caffeinated soft drinks have a diuretic effect and may cause or worsen dehydration.

In regards to sport drinks, they are for people who exercise exceedingly may need those drinks; for the rest of us, water is all we need to hydrate, extra sugar and calories are not beneficial.

Take-Home Message

When it comes to hydration, pay attention to thirst cues and drink water when thirsty. How much water you need is unique to you, trust your senses!

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