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The Hidden Costs of Getting a Divorce

Marriage ending in divorce: it is such a common problem these days that it’s become almost acceptable in many circles within our society. With around 50% of first marriages ending this way, there virtually are no lives it doesn’t touch, young or old. But maybe married couples would fight harder for their marriages if they thought hard about the so-called “hidden” costs.

When a couple divorces, they are often still “tied” to each other, especially if they have children. So total and complete “divorce” is often not even possible. As author Kelly O’Horo (in Healthy Cells Magazine) points out, “Divorce is expensive and emotionally costly. The worst part is that less than 80 percent of second marriages are successful, as people continue their same patterns of connection with future partners.”[1] And third or fourth marriages have even lower rates of success. People who fail to “work on” their own issues/faults, and blame others regularly, end up repeating the same old mistakes.

Marriage takes real, dedicated work/effort. It needs to consistently be made a priority. I saw sort of a funny analogy on the Internet, stating “if you put forth little effort at work, you’d be fired.” We need to really, in devoted ways, commit to building our marriages, remembering that-similar to our body’s health-ignoring it reaps tragic results. In some areas of life, you or I have natural talents that make some hobby (or even a job) fairly easy for us—compared to someone else; marriage doesn’t work like that, though.

Family Restoration Healing Center can help get you plugged into counseling for your marriage. We are extremely committed to strong marriages and strong families. Please, don’t let your marriage relationship continue down a wrong path!

[1] O’Horo, Kelly LPC. (2016, July). The Unforeseen Costs of Divorce. Healthy Cells Magazine.

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