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Going from Being a Couch Potato to Walking or Running a 5k

Our 5k Walk/Run event is coming right up (Saturday, September 17). And, it's free of charge! The 5k is being held at the Prince Georges Sports and Learning Complex, Landover Maryland. Over 30 people are already on board--all signed up. We really need you to join us, in support of youth sexual abstinence, and other youth development goals.

Is this your first 5k walk/run? Are you wondering how to get ready? My advice is to ease into your 5K training plan gradually, and plan to be safe, and have fun. How do you get ready, if you're used to being sedentary? Great question! We certainly don't want anyone to overexert themselves, without properly ramping up, over a few weeks or months, to be prepared for an event like this. So, for instance, (from www.Verywell.com) “Even if you don't consider yourself a runner, almost anyone can complete a 5K by starting slowly, following the basics and building up steadily.” Carefully developing a training plan, to prepare, is very important. This article lays out several helpful, easy-to-follow tips, on day to day workout schedules, dietary needs, etc.[i]

For me, even brief periods of moderate physical activity or sports does give me more energy and endurance; I feel better physically and emotionally. As well, when it's combined with interaction with others (like group walks or volleyball) the social interaction helps me feel better about myself. And quite often, these individual activities or exercises cost very little to participate in.

You will discover this for yourself, for those of you who haven't experienced it yet! Lounging around at home or elsewhere generally isn't too gratifying, especially over longer periods of time. Decide now to make this the start of a lifelong exercise plan.

So, help us to help our young people make wiser personal choices, that will affect them (and our communities) for decades to come. Free to participate, but please register for our event in advance. Read more and register HERE


[i]Quinn, Elizabeth. (2016, July 12). 10 Tips for Completing Your First 5K Run or Walk. VeryWell.com

Retrieved from https://www.verywell.com/tips-to-your-first-5k-run-or-walk-3120539.

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