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Grief Counseling: So Helpful after Losing a Loved One

Following up with those of you who read my prior blog, a few weeks back. My older brother passed away, due to very serious brain cancer, the last week of June. Even though he had found out about it in March, his passing away came as a shock really to all of us, since about 10 days before his death, an MRI showed improvement. But just a few days later, he had to be hospitalized, then entered hospice.

One tool I found out about soon afterwards is grief counseling, which is offered free-of-charge to family members. A very close friend, who himself lost his father late last year, highly suggested to me that I take advantage of it. Especially after hearing of my problems with anger, irritability, stress and fatigue starting after my brother's death.

And so, I just started counseling last week. I met with the lady counselor I'm assigned to; who talked with me, offering compassion and encouragement, for over an hour.

We started developing a good rapport right off the bat. I'm already glad I started going. A counselor such as her is trained to help someone grieving in ways that others may not be able to assist that person in. She has given me a journaling assignment, for instance.

She was not at all surprised how this loss has stirred up some memories from our days growing up in Boise, Idaho. So we have spent some time on that.

I would simply advise anyone else dealing with traumatic loss like this to look for available support systems. She gave me a list of support groups in my part of town, dealing with grief.

I am sure this ongoing counseling will help me process my feelings of loss, and other related feelings and memories.

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