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Success Keys for 18-24 Year Olds

At our FREE I-Succeed Workshop the next two weeks, for young people (within Prince George’s County) seeking employment, one thing we are going to do is focus on ten key qualities for success. I'm going to look at one of those today. The quality Respectability: it includes getting along well with all kinds and ages of fellow employees/supervisors. This also includes thriving in the multi-generational workplace.

As a younger person, even possibly a teenager, looking to get possibly your first full-time job, understand you may very well end up working with those of a different upbringing than yours, other cultures, and certainly other generations! You can appreciate how those from different generations see things differently, at least in some cases, and some areas of life.

You are perhaps learning how differently you see things, and have priorities versus, say, someone from Generation X (born early 60's to early 80's) or a Baby Boomer (1946-64). For instance, each generation has somewhat (or even very) different attitudes about job security, education, problem solving, risk taking, teamwork, etc. For instance, Boomers grew up to a work environment where their futures were more predictable. Your generation and Gen X knows very little of that, but instead an unpredictable future, with minimal job security. Your generation is more used to being quickly adaptable than Baby Boomers may be. You will find Generation X having more expectation of work having flexibility than Baby Boomers do. The older generations too are critical of your own wanting raises/promotions quickly. You will help yourself greatly to learn more about all these, and adapt.

It's not too late at all to come join us! Our Workforce Development Program Workshops are all this week and next, for all those aged 18-24. Taking place at the Iverson Mall in Hillcrest Heights Maryland.

We will issue Certificates of Completion to those attending the full 2 weeks; and job placement assistance is provided upon graduation. Increase your chances of quickly getting a good job.

Click HERE to sign up! We look forward to your participation.

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