• Maria Pfund, Nutritional Consultant

This Holiday Season try Eating Mindfully

The holiday season is here and there is plenty of food everywhere, which usually end up in some extra weight gained at this time of the year. Why wait until next year to start your healthy eating resolution? And, no, healthy eating does not mean depriving yourself of your favorite foods, it just means moderation and practicing mindful eating.

To be clear, mindful eating involves paying attention and enjoying the food, eating slowly and savoring each bite. Also, to do this it is important to devote ourselves into the single-task of eating. To do this tv, work, using the phone, etc. should be avoided. Here are some tips for you to start/continue practicing mindful eating:

  • Control portions- eat smaller portions of the foods rich in fat and sugar, and always serve the food you will eat on a plate/ bowl so as to know how much you are eating.

  • Eat when hungry- don’t force yourself to eat if not hungry. Sometimes stress, sadness, illness may decrease your appetite, that is normal and it is important to respect your body decreased needs.

  • Plan- if you are going to be away from home, plan and take healthy snacks rich in fiber.

  • Keep a food diary- write down all you eat and what was your emotional status while eating as well as place and any other activity you may engage at that time. Doing this will help you notice what specific habits and foods you need to avoid.

Take-home message

Mindful eating really helps to eating just what your body needs without overindulging. This is great practice for everyday, but especially when you know that you are prone to eat for other reasons than hunger.


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