Your Food Recipe for a Healthful Mind

There are many health conditions that can affect the mind, and of course since the body is all connected we can feel the effects on different parts of the body. Two of such conditions, which are very common nowadays are: stress and anxiety.

According to Wallace (2015), “Stress leads to anxiety, and anxiety can lead to depression, if not handled properly.” Moreover, stress is the main cause of 60% of all human illness and diseases, including heart disease.

The following are foods that help improve mental health:

  • Foods rich in tryptophan, such as spinach, lobster, tofu, nuts, seeds, eggs, oats, legumes and cheese.

  • Vitamins B, especially niacin and B1 (thiamin)- Foods rich in these vitamins are leafy greens, nuts and eggs.

  • Salmon and all foods high in omega 3 fatty acids including tuna, fatty fish and walnuts.

  • Foods high in protein, which stimulate the neurotransmitters norepinephrine and dopamine. High level of these neurotransmitters improve energy, alertness and reaction time. For better boosting power, try mixing foods high in protein with complex carbohydrates throughout the day. Examples include: greek yogurt with nuts, whole grain pasta with shellfish and vegetables, and egg on multi-grain toast

Take-home message

Eating more foods rich in tryptophan, vitamins B, omega 3 fatty acids and protein may help alleviate stress and anxiety.


Wallace, B. (2015, February 27). Nutritious Mind [Blog post]. Retrieved from

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