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Entering and Succeeding in the Work World

Our mission at FRHC is restoring and helping the whole person. A person's life is made up of certain categories or sections. Categories like home life, friendships, physical health. One key area is what we do during each day (or night) that adds meaning and value to life—ours and the lives of others; Take, for example, the world of work and career.

Going through high school, business school, even starting college: you learn things that help you out in relationships, and socially too. But, a very major part of what you're preparing for is a lifetime of work: a few decades worth.

Most of you are just preparing for an occupation, or started to in the last few years. Does getting serious about work scare you? It did me, not having much initiative. I saw work as a four-letter word, for one thing. Sure, some jobs might sound interesting the way they're described, but the few odd jobs I'd already worked seemed like a real drag, and I guess I superimposed that on any future work I'd be doing.

Now, in my 50's looking back, I sure do wish I had pursued working harder, and bettering myself: being more diligent about it. I know better, nowadays. 20/20 hindsight! Good, rewarding and fulfilling work adds real fulfillment to ones life. It brings about the satisfaction of a job well done, myriads of people really helped, in addition to the money you earn.

Sure, a job can have its apparent drawbacks, like low pay, bad work hours or schedules, irritating customers, and sore feet and back (if on your feet much of the day). It can be frustrating, feeling like you can never get caught up—and having more and more assignments piled on by bosses.

Yet, in addition to the pay, work has so many benefits: especially when we hang in during the tough times. Over the course of my years working full time, I benefited from learning new and interesting skills, working together as part of a team, meeting great co-workers/managers who challenged me personally and professionally (sometimes pushing my buttons), and being pushed to accomplish things I never thought I could. Work stretched me to the limits--as much as any other part of life has.

I have been exposed to facets of life I wouldn't have otherwise. Work has made me hardier, more diversified, more understanding of life and people. It has caused personal growth in ways going to school full time really cannot do, even as school is demanding in its own way. I have learned to work with irritating co-workers, and end up seeing them in a different and improved light. I bettered myself in practical skills: like time management, scheduling, prioritizing.

So, as you continue preparing to enter or re-enter the workforce, let these and other benefits give you the necessary motivation.

Are you or someone you know between ages 15-24? Do you live in Prince George’s County? Are you seeking skills to help you in life and in your career? Having trouble finding employment? Come join us for “iSUCCEED”, our free 2 day workshop,(Saturdays, December 5 and 12) as you gain skills to help you succeed over and above in the years to come, in getting a job, and keeping a job! Register for iSucceed at www.360wholeness.org.

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