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Navigating Tough Times

The winds of change, the winds of tough times, the winds of stressful relationships, the winds of just trying to heal from a life gone off track. We all face it, at one time or another: health crises, interpersonal conflict, too many changes in priorities at work. Since we know those things are coming, we are really much better off being prepared – prepared with a toolbox of useful tools to face such things that are inevitable in life.

Just as you hopefully have an emergency kit in your vehicle to help handle some minor (or even major) crisis on the highway, isn't it a good idea to have some sort of “toolkit” to handle personal, interpersonal, or even health issues? Better that, than just playing it by ear. It seems that we can develop a “kit” of sorts, ahead of time, to handle problems that are sure to arise in different aspects of our lives.

Take personal struggles, such as a tendency to stress out, become upset, even lose your temper, and develop flare-ups of anger all of a sudden—getting one in trouble in their business or on their job, for example. It could be a good idea to be part of an ongoing support group to be prepared to handle such an issue, when it comes up—rather than looking for outside support only after the fact. For instance, I could be a part of a 12-step, or other support group, and have a sponsor and accountability partners to call or get together with, to hash out what I'm dealing with, and possible solutions and answers to it. They can be a support system to help get me back on track. Such secular or religious support groups, covering a wide variety of topics. And this is only one example.

Please plan to attend our upcoming FREE Conference “Navigating The Winds of Change,” happening next Saturday, the 19th, in Forestville Maryland. Learn to better manage challenging situations, and build your personal toolbox to be more prepared for stressful times as they occur! Includes empowerment sessions, group discussions, panels, and health resources. Separate tracks offered for adults, teens and youth! Please CLICK HERE for conference details and to register.

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