• Jack Keeney, FRHC Social Media Manager

What is My Tolerance Toward Change?

As you are well aware, unexpected, tough change can be so very stressful to handle, let alone handle well! How are you doing with that? Are you so inflexible you can't bend very much at all, like a tree does during strong winds? Are you trying ultra-diligently to keep every area of life under control? How you answer these questions gives real insight into your “Change Tolerance.”

I grew up—through my teen years and into my early twenties—as someone who hated too many changes at all being thrust upon me. I did what I could to limit them. I was not even all that open to new opportunities in life, maybe as a reaction to losing my dad so suddenly, when I was eleven. I think the shock of that loss, and trying to navigate life now having only a mom, at least in part led me to being even more serious a person, and inflexible. Sensitive, inflexible, serious: these traits didn't at all lead me to handling changes and stressors too well.

Fortunately, after much help from counselors and even great friends (and some very hard-fought struggles along the way), I am so much further along now; I deal with changes in life, for the most part, in much more beneficial, healthy ways. Healthy for me and others around me. Also, support groups have assisted me in many, many ways over the past several years.

What do you currently turn to to deal with stress, pressure and changes in your life? Out-of-control behaviors? Explosive outbursts? Or, do you have a much better response than that?

We want to help you out! Come to our FREE “Navigating the Winds of Change” Conference, for adults, teens, and children. It will take place Saturday, September 19, 2015 – in Forestville, Maryland. Empowerment sessions, group discussions, panels, and health resources. Separate Sessions for children and teens!

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