• Jack Keeney, FRHC Social Media Manager

What Triggers YOUR Anger?

Yesterday I attended an anger issues resolution group. It was really quite good. The leader was focusing (during the hour) on “What causes our anger, typically?” What kinds of things do we typically have excessive anger issues with? If we have more specifics on the causes of our anger, we might find a solution to some of them. It is the best place to start, when figuring out our anger problem, for those who might have one.

For me, I don't get really upset (anymore) about how people drive when I'm in traffic. But I do get annoyed, even resentful, over people not listening, during conversation, then having to repeat things! Or over real or perceived rudeness toward me. Since I tend to know the kinds of things that get under my skin in a hurry, I can start to address them beforehand. Such as, with friends who sometimes are more tuned into what they insist on saying, rather than listening to my points, I can excuse myself and leave until a better time to talk about it (if I'm starting to get really annoyed/irritated).

Or, if someone I know is getting really ticked off at other drivers while he's driving, and I'm a passenger. I used to try to talk him out of his anger, which he just got defensive about, then I started getting angry and irritated! So now, since I see a pattern, I've decided I can't change him; just be quiet and pray for him.

Takeaway? Define the typical reasons you tend toward anger. Then you can likely come up with a solution or two.

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