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Unique Ways You can Handle Your Daily Stress Load

How do busy people, with so much on their plate most all of the time, reduce their stress load effectively? Maybe you are thinking you need some useful, uncomplicated way to reduce yours too. You should really have some tools in your toolbox, in advance, for when the stress mounts. Don't just give in; try these useful tips!

1. Preserve good boundaries: Having healthy (not too rigid; but not too flimsy either) personal boundaries between you and others in your life goes a long way to keeping stress in check. “One thing I’ve noticed about productive, happy people is that they’re very protective of their time and having their boundaries crossed.[i]

2. Don't Add to your own Stress Inadvertently: We can quite often make things worse, just by our own inner expectations. Join a support group or seek counseling, to help identify ways you stress yourself out. ““Learn to stop self imposing stress by building your own self-confidence rather than seeking other’s approval....”[ii] Our own self-defeating behavior really contributes.

3. Prayer/Meditation: Taking time, intentionally, according to your own religious beliefs, to pray to a higher Power—turning your issues one at a time over to them—can start to reduce ones stress load fairly quickly, I have personally found.

4. Avoid Situations, if Possible, You Know will be Stressful: At least part of the time, we can limit exposure to stress-producing activities or events. If there's something people expect you to be involved with (like playing cards), but is not enjoyable, try just saying “no” to it. If your schedule is already almost full, don't take on more optional commitments.

There are likely other techniques you have found helpful. Please let us know what works for you. Also, come attend our free Stress Management class, this Saturday: CLICK HERE FOR INFO AND REGISTRATION.


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