Testimonial - Pamela and Taylor

On Our Impact in Helping the Underserved:

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for what you've done for my family.  I can honestly say that your organization is a true GOD Send for me and my daughter Taylor.  My child who is now 21, was diagnosed at 14 with high functioning autism. Soon after her diagnosis, there were traumas that have caused her to regress from one of the most independent young women to a young woman suffering from PTSD. I am also suffering second stress because of this. I cry tears of pain, and sadness because I am not able to afford private medical for her, and with this position, I am also not making the money that I used to which is also cause stress on us. Having a young adult with autism, anxiety disorder, and PTSD, with no private insurance has been extra difficult to find accommodations. That is until I met Family Restoration and Healing Center.


Karen, the personal touch you've given my family has brought me to tears! These are tears of joy, tears of finally realizing that we are going to be ok! I now cry cleansing, healing tears, tears that let me know that its ok now for ME to heal as well. Not only is this therapist able to take medical assistance (for Taylor), she also accepts my insurance from work. She is in Columbia which means Taylor can use her para transit to go to and from the location. I've even checked out the bus route to get there. Now, Taylor can have her therapy without me or someone having to carry/transport her! Imagine, this has taken me the better part of 2 years to accomplish. Either they couldnt treat autism, or cant take private insurance, or someone had to come with her for each appointment, there was always a reason to tell us "no we cannot provide service for your family". And the answer continued to be no, until now.


This week was our first appointment with the therapist we connected with in Columbia. Taylor was so afraid she couldn’t get out of the house! But I had my first session over the phone!  Next week we are meeting with the therapist again. She is going to test Taylor to see HOW her autism is impacting her (frontal lobe, etc.), and what medication would benefit her. This is actually a conversation I can understand and participate in!! I'm so looking forward to this. Karen, it is because of you taking the time, and actually listening to what we said we needed. I'm looking forward to seeing my child, my young adult heal, and return to me. I know she may forever be changed by the traumas but my wish is for her to be happy, whole, and to again (if possible) to the independent and young woman I once knew. I'm also looking forward to ME healing and seeing a bright future for me!! 


I want to again say thank you for everything. What you've done for families like mine should be shared with everyone. This is what community is all about, Ken and Karen. This is what Family Restoration and Healing Center is about!"


Pamela and Taylor - Maryland

If you have experienced wellness though any of Family Restoration and Healing Center programs or events, we encourage us to let us know.  Please send your comments to Karen Thompson at: info@360wholeness.org.