Our Mission:​

We restore families – mind, body and spirit, through education, counseling, case management and supportive services.

Our Vision:​

Our vision is to increase emotional, physical and spiritual health – one individual, one family, and one community at a time.

Our Founders:​

Our founders, Kenneth and Karen Thompson have a passion for the family, having spent 10 years as foster parents to over a dozen abused and neglected children, another 10 years as nonprofit business owners servicing homeless families and low income elderly, and yet another 10 years as youth pastors in the Washington metropolitan area.

After 30 years of life coaching and pastoral coaching for countless families, the Thompson’s have seen from “ground zero” how broken individuals can negatively impact a society, as well as how emotionally and physically healthy individuals can spread healing to a society.
​They have received numerous recognitions and awards over the years for their successful contributions to family and community health.

Our Board of Directors:​

Our current Board is comprised of five directors who are skilled in the areas of administration, entrepreneurship, pastoring, public health education, social work, counseling, finance, and strategic planning.  The Board's expertise and partnering ability has enabled the organization to fulfill its mission and uniqueness which is to provide a wholistic approach to wellness -- mind, body, and spirit -- in all that we do.  


Current directors are:

Malika Holmes.png

Board Chair; Malika is skilled in childhood education. She is also skilled in research, project management and customer service. 

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We are currently recruiting to expand our already excellent Board of Directors.

If interested in becoming a part of our organization, please contact

Malika Holmes at:



Wiley Simons.jpg

Wiley is an expert in non-profit human resources and administration.

Oswald Elie, Jr.-web.jpg
Oswald R. 
Elie, Jr.

Licensed Certified Clinical Social Worker, and Ph.d. Candidate. Expert community case manager, substance abuse counselor, and in working with Active duty personnel and their families.  Holds 3 master degrees in clinical social work, health care management, and business management.