What Are These Courses Worth as a Teenager?

PART 2 of 2 As I stated in Monday's blog, I want to share 4 more junior high/high school classes that have actually proven valuable over the years of my adult life—now that I'm almost a senior citizen! Classes that had helped me get through college, helped me in my career, helped in my personal life—over even all 3. So here goes: English—Analyzing and being able to intelligently discuss others' written works, as well as being able to adequately express my own thoughts and research, has proven to be of much value on different jobs I've held. For instance, during the early part of the last decade, I worked as a technical writer and editor for a large, worldwide company based in Dallas. And wr

What Are These Courses Worth as a Teenager?

PART 1 of 2 If, like me, maybe you have been hearing the sentiment for many years (expressed by Jr and Sr high students), “are these required classes really necessary? Aren't they mostly busy work, to keep us occupied and out of trouble. Just to get that piece of paper-a diploma, and maybe get us going in college or university?” Even adults, years out of high school, can wonder whether some of their classes in jr high or high school were valuable at all—other than time fillers while they passed through the teen years. Since I actually finished college (Boise State University—accounting degree), I have pondered at times, as I'm in my mid-fifties now, which of the college classes were worth m

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