Holistic Health in 2016

So many within the U.S. have been (and are getting) more and more involved in using and applying holistic health! I, for one, have been using different aspects of it—seeking to improve my mental/emotional health through physical exercise AND greater physical health through emotional/spiritual improvement. These are well-founded principles, going back through the Millennia. For an example, look at the Christian's Bible, in the Book of Proverbs, “A happy heart is good medicine and a joyful mind causes healing, But a broken spirit dries up the bones.” And haven't we known people, including ourselves, who make themselves sick due to stressing out, and lots of anxiety? There are thousands of doc

The Hidden Costs of Getting a Divorce

Marriage ending in divorce: it is such a common problem these days that it’s become almost acceptable in many circles within our society. With around 50% of first marriages ending this way, there virtually are no lives it doesn’t touch, young or old. But maybe married couples would fight harder for their marriages if they thought hard about the so-called “hidden” costs. When a couple divorces, they are often still “tied” to each other, especially if they have children. So total and complete “divorce” is often not even possible. As author Kelly O’Horo (in Healthy Cells Magazine) points out, “Divorce is expensive and emotionally costly. The worst part is that less than 80 percent of second

Time Management: Help for Stress Reduction!

So very often, we can find ourselves overwhelmed with projects to accomplish, tasks to complete, relationships to maintain. How can we prioritize and meet ours (and other peoples' – like supervisors') goals and needs, and not stress so much over doing so?! Are there some steps we can take to use time more effectively, and reduce such needless time pressures? YES! For starters, we have to be realistic about other people in our lives, and their expectations and demands. Sometimes, we have to just say no to requests for help, or even spending time with them, if we are just too short on time. Maybe it's as simple as checking your schedule/planner first, before saying “yes” to a request. Reme

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