Going from Being a Couch Potato to Walking or Running a 5k

Our 5k Walk/Run event is coming right up (Saturday, September 17). And, it's free of charge! The 5k is being held at the Prince Georges Sports and Learning Complex, Landover Maryland. Over 30 people are already on board--all signed up. We really need you to join us, in support of youth sexual abstinence, and other youth development goals. Is this your first 5k walk/run? Are you wondering how to get ready? My advice is to ease into your 5K training plan gradually, and plan to be safe, and have fun. How do you get ready, if you're used to being sedentary? Great question! We certainly don't want anyone to overexert themselves, without properly ramping up, over a few weeks or months, to be

Grief Counseling: So Helpful after Losing a Loved One

Following up with those of you who read my prior blog, a few weeks back. My older brother passed away, due to very serious brain cancer, the last week of June. Even though he had found out about it in March, his passing away came as a shock really to all of us, since about 10 days before his death, an MRI showed improvement. But just a few days later, he had to be hospitalized, then entered hospice. One tool I found out about soon afterwards is grief counseling, which is offered free-of-charge to family members. A very close friend, who himself lost his father late last year, highly suggested to me that I take advantage of it. Especially after hearing of my problems with anger, irritabili

Helping Someone in Distress or Grief

I lost my older brother Gary to brain cancer a month ago. He was diagnosed with melanoma that spread to the brain, back in mid-March. We had known since then that there was a chance he might not live long, even with aggressive treatment. After top-notch oncology treatment, things looked fairly hopeful. But in the span of about a week, he started deteriorating, went into hospice, and then passed away. None of our family were really ready for the suddenness, and finality of it. What helped, as you might guess, was to have dear friends stopping by, offering encouragement and compassion (even hugs), doing practical things (like bringing sandwiches by), and praying for and with us. I would

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