This Holiday Season try Eating Mindfully

The holiday season is here and there is plenty of food everywhere, which usually end up in some extra weight gained at this time of the year. Why wait until next year to start your healthy eating resolution? And, no, healthy eating does not mean depriving yourself of your favorite foods, it just means moderation and practicing mindful eating. To be clear, mindful eating involves paying attention and enjoying the food, eating slowly and savoring each bite. Also, to do this it is important to devote ourselves into the single-task of eating. To do this tv, work, using the phone, etc. should be avoided. Here are some tips for you to start/continue practicing mindful eating: Control portions- eat

Your Food Recipe for a Healthful Mind

There are many health conditions that can affect the mind, and of course since the body is all connected we can feel the effects on different parts of the body. Two of such conditions, which are very common nowadays are: stress and anxiety. According to Wallace (2015), “Stress leads to anxiety, and anxiety can lead to depression, if not handled properly.” Moreover, stress is the main cause of 60% of all human illness and diseases, including heart disease. The following are foods that help improve mental health: Foods rich in tryptophan, such as spinach, lobster, tofu, nuts, seeds, eggs, oats, legumes and cheese. Vitamins B, especially niacin and B1 (thiamin)- Foods rich in these vitamins ar

What are Naturopaths, Anyway?

[photo credit:] In conversations over the past few years, going back to when I first started going to a naturopath for help with certain health issues, it seems people have real misconceptions about their training, and what they're qualified to do professionally. Naturopaths are medical doctors, plain and simple. They study many of the same courses that MD's do, in some cases more hours/courses than an MD would be required to. For example, both take courses in anatomy, physiology, pathology (the study of the essential nature of diseases), and immunology. Can a naturopath prescribe medications, like and MD can? “Yes, Naturopaths are licensed to write prescriptions for medicatio

Tips for Calming Effect through Nutrition

Staying calm and relaxed can be challenging, especially if one suffers from stress and anxiety. Coping requires lifestyle changes, including eating habits. Some ways to feel calmer through dietary habits are: Include protein in your breakfast- protein helps you feel full for a longer time. Some foods to try: chia seeds, peanut butter, oatmeal, greek yogurt, cottage cheese, etc. Eat complex carbohydrates- an easy way to start doing this is changing bread and pasta products to whole-grain choices rich in fiber. Drink a lot of water- once you are thirsty your body is already mildly dehydrated, so don’t wait to be thirsty to drink some water. Usually, eight glasses of water is enough. Limit or a

Becoming Well-rounded at Work

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Developing Your Work Ethic

Certain abilities have helped you do well in school, even in sports, right? Didn't your teachers, advisors, and coaches teach you things like focusing on the task at hand, not getting distracted, time management, and interpersonal skills—to help you progress through school (and in personal and team sports)? Remember, you definitely need key skills/abilities to get and hold jobs long term; hopefully continuing to advance to better positions, for higher pay, with more stimulating challenges to be faced and met. However, succeeding at work involves more than just showing up, putting in a minimal amount of time and effort. To truly succeed in any occupation we need more than just technical skil

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