Entering and Succeeding in the Work World

Our mission at FRHC is restoring and helping the whole person. A person's life is made up of certain categories or sections. Categories like home life, friendships, physical health. One key area is what we do during each day (or night) that adds meaning and value to life—ours and the lives of others; Take, for example, the world of work and career. Going through high school, business school, even starting college: you learn things that help you out in relationships, and socially too. But, a very major part of what you're preparing for is a lifetime of work: a few decades worth. Most of you are just preparing for an occupation, or started to in the last few years. Does getting serious abo

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The Family Restoration and Healing Center, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.
​As a non-profit, our funding advances our programs for the community. Who benefits from our services?
​You do!​