Navigating Tough Times

The winds of change, the winds of tough times, the winds of stressful relationships, the winds of just trying to heal from a life gone off track. We all face it, at one time or another: health crises, interpersonal conflict, too many changes in priorities at work. Since we know those things are coming, we are really much better off being prepared – prepared with a toolbox of useful tools to face such things that are inevitable in life. Just as you hopefully have an emergency kit in your vehicle to help handle some minor (or even major) crisis on the highway, isn't it a good idea to have some sort of “toolkit” to handle personal, interpersonal, or even health issues? Better that, than just

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The Family Restoration and Healing Center, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.
​As a non-profit, our funding advances our programs for the community. Who benefits from our services?
​You do!​