What is My Tolerance Toward Change?

As you are well aware, unexpected, tough change can be so very stressful to handle, let alone handle well! How are you doing with that? Are you so inflexible you can't bend very much at all, like a tree does during strong winds? Are you trying ultra-diligently to keep every area of life under control? How you answer these questions gives real insight into your “Change Tolerance.” I grew up—through my teen years and into my early twenties—as someone who hated too many changes at all being thrust upon me. I did what I could to limit them. I was not even all that open to new opportunities in life, maybe as a reaction to losing my dad so suddenly, when I was eleven. I think the shock of that

Vitamin D and Calcium May Ease PMS

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) affects women before their menstrual period begins with several symptoms that include: depression, irritability, abdominal cramping and headaches. Fortunately, researchers are studying and finding possible solutions to alleviate these undesirable symptoms. According to observations from the Harvard Nurses' Health Study, women who consumed high amounts of vitamin D through food or supplements were 40% less likely of experiencing PMS than those with lower vitamin D intake. Vitamin D and calcium are closely related in most diets because both are available in fortified milk, including soy milk. Researchers found that when it comes to cow’s milk, only reduced-fat

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