We partner with qualified individiuals and organizations to provide job readiness, specialized skills training, and supportive services to at-risk youth and adults. 

Our programs are designed to help reduce youth crime, reconnect fathers and mothers with families, and help underserved individuals to succeed.

Network of Partners

We work with a network of professionals, organizations and volunteers, to help individuals, particularly disparity groups who are underinsured or underserved, to cope with life's stresses and teach them to achieve emotional, nutritional and spiritual wellness.

Access to Care

We provide underserved families with referrals to emergency food, homelessness prevention resources, shelters, crisis hotlines, recovery programs and other areas of need. 

Workforce Development
Public Health Education

We educate communities on critical emotional and nutritional health issues through our public workshops, training series, health fairs, health literature, and blog.

To maximize the reach of education to the public, our team of counselors and clinicians will periodically offer panel discussions on local radio, internet or cable TV to educate the public on hot topics that effect the family and society (e.g. the effect of anger on the mind, body and spirit).

The programs referred by our Center will be those that are well known within the community for their services.

For emotional wellness we offer:
For youth success we offer:

Educational programming designed to prepare youth and young adults to successfully transition to adulthood (and the workforce). Youth Success includes our signature iSucceed workforce preparation development program, our signature  I Choose to Wait  abstinence education and positive youth development.  Youth success trainings include character development, bullying, self-esteem training that emphasize critical skills and positive behaviors.  

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For family success we offer:

Programming includes delivery through multiple trainings, counseling, and case management interventions for low-income families, including parenting classes, caregiving, healthy marriage and healthy relationships sessions and premarital and family counseling.

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FRHC counseling includes premarital, marital, and faith based counseling.  For clients in need of other counseling services, FRHC will gladly refer you to one of the licensed counselors in our network. 


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For health and wellness we offer:

Programming includes education, fitness events and health fairs which address issues such as: stress, depression, anger management, self-esteem, bullying, physical fitness, mental health first aid, nutrition/healthy eating, and smoking cessation with a combination of training services that build awareness and change behaviors.

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Our 360 Program

For nutritional wellness we offer:
"Choose Health" Nutritional Wellness Campaign​

Nutritional counseling, workshops, and fitness activities are offered to youth and adults on healthy eating, healthy living, and the healthy mind/body connection. Upon request, a registered nurse, certified nutrition counselor or life coach will partner with families to prevent the national crisis on childhood and adult obesity.

Health literature and health screenings to under-served families

Our health fairs and public workshops provide preventative care to the community, particularly the underserved and underinsured.

Volunteer licensed professionals and community partners conduct the health screenings.

Do you have a nutritional wellness question?

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For social services we offer:
  • Positive youth development

  • Risk avoidance

  • Workforce development

  • Marriage & Parenting

  • Caregiving

  • Counseling/Case Management

  • Referrals

  • Life Skills

  • Mental Health 1st Aid

  • Achieving 360 wholeness

  • Nutrition & Fitness

  • Donation and Volunteer Opportunities





Family Restoration and Healing Center, Inc. offers a holistic, multi-generational and family-oriented program of services that includes educational trainings, counseling, case management, and supportive services. Our program, called “360 Wholeness”, is a comprehensive whole family effort designed to help low income youth and families navigate youth success, family success, and health and wellness.

Youth Success Services

  • Workforce Development Training

  • Risk Avoidance Training

  • Character/Positive Youth Development Training

Family Success Services


  • Parent-Child Communication Training

  • Family Caregiving Training

  • COUNSELING - Premarital, Marital, Faith-based

Health & Wellness Services


  • Achieving 360 Wholeness/Life Skills Training

  • Mental Health First Aid Training

  • Nutritional Wellness Counseling and Training





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The Family Restoration and Healing Center, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization.
​As a non-profit, our funding advances our programs for the community. Who benefits from our services?
​You do!​