"Choose Health" 2013/2014

What is Choose Health? 

It's a 1 year nutritional wellness campaign with

Workshops and Seminars,  Fitness Classes,

Health Materials & Advice, and Community-wide Events.


Choose Health Goal -


The goal of this initiative is to educate families to reduce heart disease and obesity, increase nutritional health, improve family dynamics, and sustain healthy lifestyles.  


FREE healthy Workshops for the whole family!


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How can you help?

Here's how you can help:  Donate, Partner, Volunteer, Provide a Host Site. Contact us for details.

Contact us at

240-6670-1849 or info@360wholeness.org for questions

or to see how you can be a part of the Choose Health initiative!

1 year campaign!

Our  Sponsors.
Coming soon!

We are currently recruiting trainers, and seeking collaborative partners to sponsor a part or all of these workshop modules.


Contact us at:


to discuss partnership opportunities.

Do you have a nutritional wellness question?

CLICK HERE - to ask our nutritional consultant for advice

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For Questions regarding this previous community event, Please contact:
Karen Thompson