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The goals of this one year initiative are to educate families to reduce heart disease and obesity, increase nutritional health, improve family dynamics, and sustain healthy lifestyles.

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Promoting Health in Prince George's County, MD


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Other Workshop Topics Offered by
Family Restoration & Healing Center

​Please contact us if you would like to host any of these workshops at your location.

Stress Management for
Family Caregivers


These workshops will teach the symptoms, causes and coping strategies to reduce stress in one’s life.


Financial Wellness Workshop


The session will teach effective money management, how to recover from financial crisis, and how to achieve personal financial wellness.

Anger Management


Classes will teach individuals to identify anger problems, find the resources which will make life more manageable, and facilitate the healing process. Anger management training classes will be offered to educators, professionals and leaders who want to teach or treat persons with anger problems.

Depression in Adolescents


These classes will teach both professionals and parents how to detect and treat depression in youth ages 13-18.



These workshops for families, will include listening skills, avoiding conflict through clear communication, communicating difficult messages, and effective parent/ teen communication.

Temperment Analysis Workshops


These sessions allow adults and teens to assess their personality traits, understand how to best interact with other personalities, and pinpoint causes of interpersonal conflicts.

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Support Groups Available!

Caregiver Support Group​

Are you a caregiver? Preregister for a caregiver support group beginning soon in Ellicott City.


Senior Support Group

Are you 65+?  Preregister for a senior support group beginning soon in Ellicott City.

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Past Events & Workshops

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